2013 New Releases

Frameline New Releases

January 2014

The Infamous T
The Infamous T

Melissa Koch 30 min USA 2013

Homeless, bullied, and failing out of high school, 18-year-old Jonathon is ready for a big change—maybe. After enduring a lifetime of homelessness and unstable housing with his loving mother and brothers, Jonathon wants to make the transition to a new house and family and all the promise that idea seems to hold.

INSIGHTS: Queer Youth Defining Our Future

Various directors

This collection includes short films representing a range of LGBT youth experiences—from authentic self-expression to classmate crushes to films that delve into the dangers of bullying.

October 2013

A Self-Made Man
A Self-Made Man

Lori Petchers 56 min USA 2013

At a crucial turning point in his life, Tony Ferriaolo's inner voice said, "Create yourself." This credo once saved his life and now serves as a guiding principle as he educates gender non-conforming youth, as well as their parents. Lori Petchers' moving A Self-Made Man interweaves the poignant story of Ferraiolo's personal transition with his life work as a transgender youth advocate.


Grant LaHood 68 min New Zealand 2012

For every two thousand births easily defined, one intersex baby is born into a life fraught with challenges. In this binary-gendered world, having ambiguous genitalia or something other than XX-female or XY-male chromosomes brings immense social pressure. Intersex activist Mani Bruce Mitchell seeks out his/her peers to find community, healing, and a wider view of intersex life: "It doesn't suck to be intersex; it sucks to be persecuted."

July 2013

The Paper Mirror
The Paper Mirror

Charissa King-O'Brien 34 min USA 2013

Charissa King's short documentary captures a pivotal collaboration between two influential artists, Alison Bechdel and Riva Lehrer, as Lehrer completes a compelling portrait of Bechdel, yielding a highly satisfying work of psychological insight.


Melissa Osborne 24 min USA 2013

An African-American teenager grapples with his sexual identity on the night Barack Obama is elected President and Proposition 8, the California voter initiative to eliminate same-sex, is passed.

March 2013

Mississippi: I Am
Mississippi: I Am

Katherine Linton & Harriet Hirshorn 46 min USA 2012

Mississippi: I Am examines the relatively new battle on the part of primarily young LGBT people to bring LGBT civil rights and visibility out in the open and beyond division in the rural south.

Past Releases: September 2012

It Came From Kuchar
It Came From Kuchar (2 Disc Collection)

Jennifer Kroot 86 min USA 2009

Cinephiles with a love of queer and experimental tales, students, and film-loving weirdos of every stripe will find plenty to love in Kroot's documentary (Disc 1) and the six short films, three by George, three by Mike, spanning over 30 years of their filmmaking careers (Disc 2).

What Do You Know
What Do You Know: Six to Twelve Year-Olds Talk About Gays and Lesbians

An award-winning short film that features students from Massachusetts and Alabama discussing what they know about gay mean and lesbians, what they hear at school, and what they'd like teachers to do. Adults can learn a lot from the inspirational children in this beautiful film.