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Jenn Kao 2004 22 min. USA
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The film takes place in the aftermath of a devastating World War. One group of survivors starts a new civilization underground, tunneling themselves into isolation. They fear the outside world and wear implants that keep them confined to their bunkers. They call themselves Insiders. Devi is an Insider girl who lives alone in a bunker with one precious window to the outside world. But she doesnít think of herself as alone. After all, she has her radio, and she uses it to chat with people like her best friend, ARI. During the day, Devi works as a censor, editing the video messages of her fellow citizens for obscene content. In Devi's world, unnecessary touching is illegal. In their free time, Devi and Ari drop for fun. Dropping is their hallucinogenic experience of the outside world, of the forests and sandy beaches they will never see for themselves. Working and dropping: life for Devi is always the same, maybe too much the same. One day, Devi hears a sound outside her window, and she sees a real live person for the first time. It's a woman named M, the leader of a group of Outsiders, vagabonds and outcasts. They're dirty and frightening, and they won't leave Devi alone. When Devi stands up to M and her bullying ways, they begin a relationship which will change both their lives forever.

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