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Abomination: Homosexuality and the Ex-Gay Movement

Alicia Salzer, MD 2006 27 min USA

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Again and again we see it in the news: evangelical ministers who preach against homosexuality and scandalizing themselves when their own homosexuality is revealed. Proponents of so-called "reparative therapy" know it doesn't work. Yet they persist with ever-greater fervor and insist that gay Christians try to change their sexual orientation.
Abomination: Homosexuality and the Ex-Gay Movement profiles the journeys of four gay Christians who did everything possible to become heterosexual by following the "treatment" protocols of the so-called ex-gay ministries.

At times heartbreaking, at other times hilarious, the approaches taken by these religious groups range from shock therapy and hypnosis to "gender coaching." Ultimately the "therapy" fails, even for the ministers in charge as they repeatedly scandalize themselves by "relapsing into gayness."

Some of Abomination's subjects spent decades in torment before they ultimately re-defined every aspect of their values, morals and beliefs to allow themselves to accept a gay and Christian identity. But self-acceptance eluded Mary Lou's daughter, Ana, who committed suicide. Her daughter's death causes a change of heart in this fundamentalist Christian mother who comes to realize that "Jesus Christ himself would not have treated her the way I did."

In the end, we must ask, is Homosexuality an "Abomination?" Or is the real "Abomination" how Gay Conservative Christians are summarily rejected by their families, their communities, their churches and who are told that they have forfeited both the promise of heaven and the love of God.

Abomination is a poignant testimony to the healing power of love on the road to self-acceptance. It is also a film about human rights and the fragility of our liberty in an increasingly fundamentalist America.


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