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Act of Faith
Educational DVD Price $100.00

Can one be gay and Muslim at the same time?
Before I Was Sad
Educational DVD Price $100.00

Before I Was Sad presents biting commentary on the assimilation of homosexuals into mainstream society illustrated through the use of cut-out animation.
DEACTIVATED: Global Currents: Broadcasting Change in Latin America

A compelling documentary about one group of activists who insist that the revolution will be televised.
Face First
Educational DVD Price $100.00

Controversial filmmaker Todd Verow (Frisk) has assembled a collection of "face and dick" shots forwarded to him over the internet to produce a poignant commentary on gay male sexuality, intimacy, and the impact of the internet on both of these.
Fight Back, Fight AIDS: 15 Years of ACT UP
Educational DVD Price $295.00

An invaluable history of the activity of ACT UP, Fight Back, Fight AIDS presents footage from the first meeting in 1987 through 2002.
Educational DVD Price $295.00

Nine women meet every Wednesday for 21 weeks in group therapy.
Hand on the Pulse
Educational DVD Price $295.00

The story of Joan Nestle, political and sexual "bad girl" and founder of the Lesbian Herstory Archives in New York
Junk Box Warrior
Educational DVD Price $100.00

Junk Box Warrior explores the alienation, frustration and fear of not fitting into society's gender binary.
Educational DVD Price $100.00

A Malay-Muslim narrator reminisces about a teenage relationship between himself and an ethnic Chinese classmate
Southern Family
Educational DVD Price $100.00

A Christmas party at a Southern grandmotherís home turns into an unexpected and tense coming-out story in this heart-warming documentary that spans several generations.