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Girl Bunnies x 3
Girl Bunnies x 3
Educational DVD Price $100.00

Conceived by the filmmaker as a way to show her kids and their friends that love is universal, the Girl Bunnies series has been a hit with kids and adults alike. Each new installment has been highly anticipated by LGBT festival attendees for their unique miniaturization and adorable story lines – and now you can cuddle your favorite Girl Bunnies any time you want!
Girl Bunnies, The (Les Lapines)
Educational DVD Price $75.00

Two female bunnies living across the world from each other fall madly in love, travel to the ends of the earth, then excitedly adopt 8 chicken eggs to raise a family
Girl Bunnies. HOCKEY, The
Educational DVD Price $75.00

In this 2nd installment of the musically animated Girl Bunnies series, Coco loves hockey, but she REALLY likes hockey girl...
Girl Bunnies
Girl Bunnies: Big Tree, The
Educational DVD Price $75.00

In the third installment of The Girl Bunnies, Mimi accidentally saws through a really cute girl bunny’s tree. Mimi solicits the help of a deer and two hockey girls, and uses a rope to save the day. Filmmaker and songwriter, Francosie Doherty, delights us with her latest girl bunnies short.