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Out for a Change
Educational DVD Price $100.00

A Woman Vision Production, Out for a Change: Addressing Homophobia in Women's Sports exposes the devastating emotional impact that homophobia has on all women athletes, regardless of their sexual orientation. This film reveals how the fear of being labeled a lesbian or "dyke" hinders the performance of all female athletes, and even prevents many women from participating in sports at all. Featuring interviews with student athletes, coaches, athletic directors, academics, and prominent professional athletes including Martina Navratilova, Out for a Change demonstrates how homophobia is used as a political tool by men to retain control over the multi-billion dollar women's sports industry.
    Margarita With a Straw
    Educational DVD Price $295.00

    An honest, sensitive portrait of disability and the sexual awakening of an adventurous young woman, Margarita With a Straw has
    garnered praise around the world, and caused social waves in India upon
    release for its compassionate portrayal of taboo subjects rarely seen
    on screen.
    The Royal Road
    Educational DVD Price $295.00

    This bold, innovative film from acclaimed San Francisco filmmaker Jenni Olson
    combines rigorous historical research with lyrically written personal
    monologue and relates these seemingly disparate stories from an
    intimate, colloquial perspective to tell a one-of-a-kind California