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7 Years
Educational DVD Price $100.00

7 Years documents the difficulties and prejudice gay and lesbian people face in Kenya from job interviews to managing family relationships as well as unfair treatment by the police and the possibility of being sentenced to 7 years imprisonment for practicing homosexuality.
Educational DVD Price $100.00

A young Israeli man who visits a drag bar in search of sexual expression
Anger Me
Educational DVD Price $295.00

Anger Me is the story of the life, literary and motion-picture accomplishments of Kenneth Anger, a pivotal figure in the history of experimental film.
Believers, The
Educational DVD Price $295.00

Recipient of the Frameline 30 Audience Award for Best Documentary and of a 2005 Frameline Film & Video Completion Fund grant, The Believers is an unprecedented feature documentary that shatters assumptions about faith, gender, and religion. Built around the world's first transgender gospel choir, the film portrays the choir's dilemma - how to reconcile their gender identity with the widespread belief that changing one's gender goes against the word of God.
Best Men, The
Educational DVD Price $100.00

All the best men are gay... but some just need a good reminder.
Changing House
Educational DVD Price $100.00

After fifteen years of sharing their Brooklyn home with transgender women in need, transgender lesbian activist couple Rusty and Chelsea struggle to transform what became an informal shelter space into a private residence and reflect on the unique history.
Come Out, Come Out (Shorts Collection)
Educational DVD Price $100.00

Coming out is isn't always easy. . . These shorts from around the world share the struggles and joys of coming out.
DEACCESSED - Out in the Underground (Shorts Collection)

Close the curtains and draw the shades. . .
DEACTIVATED: Global Currents: Broadcasting Change in Latin America

A compelling documentary about one group of activists who insist that the revolution will be televised.
definition: Aya de Leon
Educational DVD Price $100.00

defintion: Aya de Leon is a profile of prolific and in your face spoken word artist/novelist Aya de Leon.