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A Self-Made Man
A Self-Made Man
Educational DVD Price $295.00

Lori Petchers’ moving A Self-Made Man interweaves the poignant story of Ferraiolo’s personal transition with his life work as a transgender youth advocate.
Arts in Action
Educational DVD Price $200.00

Five short films exploring identity, activism, and the creative process make up this collection designed for use in high schools and LGBT centers, complete with curriculum and action guide PDFs on the DVD.

Believers, The
Educational DVD Price $295.00

Recipient of the Frameline 30 Audience Award for Best Documentary and of a 2005 Frameline Film & Video Completion Fund grant, The Believers is an unprecedented feature documentary that shatters assumptions about faith, gender, and religion. Built around the world's first transgender gospel choir, the film portrays the choir's dilemma - how to reconcile their gender identity with the widespread belief that changing one's gender goes against the word of God.
Bond, The
Educational DVD Price $100.00

The father of a transsexual child shares his family's story - what it was like when his child came out, how their relationship has changed, and how their bond continues to get stronger.
Changing House
Educational DVD Price $100.00

After fifteen years of sharing their Brooklyn home with transgender women in need, transgender lesbian activist couple Rusty and Chelsea struggle to transform what became an informal shelter space into a private residence and reflect on the unique history.
Chocolate Babies
Educational DVD Price $295.00

An underground band of HIV-positive, queer, urban,transvestite, activists of color is making headlines in New York
Coming Out Trans & Transgender Stories
Educational DVD Price $295.00

Alex, Andrea, Debra, Elijah, Grady, Katrina, Morgan, Patrick, Safonia, Shawn and Susan Kimberly talk candidly about the challenges they encounter in their daily lives before, during and after transitioning and how in the end they all strive to come to a place of acceptance and fulfillment.

Dark and Lovely, Soft and Free
Educational DVD Price $150.00

A network of gay hairstylists and their friends in South Africa provide an alternative vision of acceptance and celebration in contrast to the wave of homophobia that is sweeping across sub-Saharan Africa.
El Canto del Colibri
Educational DVD $295.00

Through raw, heartfelt testimonies, El Canto del Colibri delves into issues of immigration, prejudice, and isolation, while allowing Latino fathers in the US to tell the stories of accepting their LGBTQ children
Enough Man
Educational DVD Price $100.00

Documentary meets explicit sexuality in this groundbreaking debut about FTM sexuality